Creating Customer User Groups


Customer User Groups can be used to define different product availability, prices, discounts, shipping and payment methods applied to users within that group.


A customer will see prices of the corresponding user group only if he is logged in and his user group is the same as the one set for the product.


To create a new user group:

1. In the administration panel, go to Customers > User groups.

2. Click the + button on the right.

3. In the opened window:

In the User group input field type the name of a new user group (e.g. Wholesale);

In the Type select Customer.






To sign up a user to the created user group:

1. In the administration panel go to Customers > Users. Click on the username to open his profile.

2. Open the User groups tab and set the Active status for the created user group.

3. Click the Save button.