In the administration panel, go to Products > Products.
Open any product details page and then open the Options tab.

On the opened page, click the Add option button and complete the form under the General tab:


Name – Name of the product option as it appears on the storefront.
Position – Position of the product option relatively to the position of the other options in the list.
Inventory – If selected, the option has a separate number of items in stock, which is tracked separately.
Store – Store, to which the option originally belongs.
Type – Type of the product option: Select box, Radio group, Check box, Text, Text area or File. If the option type is TextText area or File.

Description – Description of the product option as it appears on the storefront under the question sign (?) next to the option name.
Comment – Comment to be displayed below the option on the storefront.
Required - If selected, this option is mandatory for selection/completion.
Missing variants handling - Select how impermissible/missing option combinations should be handled: 

If the option type is Select box or Radio group, open the Variants tab in the same window. 

Complete the Name input field (e.g. Green). In the Modifier input field, set the price that will be added to the product price if this option is selected. To add more variants, click the + icon.


On the Editing product page, choose the Options tab and click the Option combinations button. This will open a list containing combinations of all product option values applied to this product. If there are no option combinations defined on this page, you can either ...
1. Manually create each option if there are only a few of all the potential variables from the options click the + button. Now you can enter product code and upload small and detailed images for each option combination.
2. Have every variable of the options created automatically by clicking on the cog icon and Rebuild Combinations

You can select to have some options not available through the Forbidden Combinations  tab on the options screen.

Selecting the plus icon on the Forbidden screen, you then open a page that will allow you to plus options that will not appear on the store front.