Cs-Cart does not have a default stock management process but you can use the export and import functions to check for current quantities and upload new counts.

You can have any combination of products exported from Cs-Cart 

All products- Administration > Export data > Products

Select Products- Products > Products and tick the box of the selected products to export.  You can change what products view on this page by the search in category.

Select the required products and click on the cog and Export Selected

On the Export screen, select Product combinations 

Use the csv delimiter of comma to ensure easy spreadsheet use.

Product ID – Numerical ID of the product.

Combination code - Code of the option combination.

Combination - Description of the option combination. E.g., "Size: X-Large, Color: Black".

Amount - Number of items of a certain product combination.

Language - Two-letter language code.

You can then view your csv in a spreadsheet and check stock, record differences.

Changes you make to this file can then be imported back into CS-Cart and will update the product amounts.

Administration > Import data > Products > Product combinations

The highlighted fields are mandatory for the import, change the delimiter to comma, locate your saved file and Import